• ZoneAlarm Antivirus Free Download Full Version

    ZoneAlarm Antivirus Free Download
    Technically, Zone Alarm is a firewall freeware application for PC. It has inbound intrusion detection system. It can inhibit those programs that build outbound connections like it keeps your PC free fromspyware, malwares and secures your financial data, passwords, and personal information. New version of Zone Alarm will be in the market in 2015 by the name of Zone Alarm Extreme Security

    Key features of Zone Alarms Antivirus are:

    1.    Zone Alarm is Two-way Firewall application which not only protects your PC from hackers, but also secures your data from spywares.
    2.    It ensures your safe, private browsing.
    3.    It provides you protection against identity thefts.
    4.    It averts data collecting companies to track your records.
    5.    It protects your Social media activities (Facebook activity)
    6.    In the case of Hardware malfunctioning it back up files and restores data.
    Software information:-
    Title:                ZoneAlarm Free
    Filename:         zafwSetup_133_052_000.exe
    File size:          40.60 MB
    Requirements: Windows Version
    Languages:      Multiple
    License:           Freeware
    Date:               July 31, 2014
    Author:           Zone Labs

    Download ZoneAlarm Antivirus Free Software

    ZoneAlarm Antivirus Free Download
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