• Organic salmon-potato soup with haricots, carrots and broccoli

    Organic salmon-potato soup with haricots, carrots and broccoli

    This fall I've started experimenting with making new dishes and this salmon-potato soup with vegetables is one of them.

    The ingredients you see in the picture are:

    Main ingredients

    - Salmon filet (organic)

    - Potatoes- Haricots

    - Carrots (organic)

    - Broccoli (organic)


    - Tumeric (organic)

    - Thyme (organic)

    - Oregano (organic)

    Flavor enhancer

    - Tamari soy sauce (organic)

    - Himalayan salt

    The easiest (and laziest!) way to do this soup is to boil everything at once in a big, big saucepan for about 20-30 mins. The haricots and broccoli can be added the last 5-10 minutes so they won't get too boiled.And that's bascially it! Kind of easy, do you agree?As you can see, almost every ingredient is organic. When I'm at home that's what I'm aiming for. I find my organic herbs, Tamari and Himalayan salt in the health food store, the rest of the ingredients comes from the supermarket.I hope this blog post will inspire you and give you an idea or two next time you cook!
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