• Samsung unveils curved "Quantum Dot gaming monitors with AMD FreeSync

    When buying a gaming monitor, there have historically been many things to consider, such as brand, budget, size, and resolution. Nowadays, however, there are even more features to investigate, like whether or not to buy a curved screen and deciding if you need AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-SYNC.
    Today, Samsung announces some new gaming monitors that check many of the marks -- curved screen, AMD FreeSync, plus respectable resolutions and refresh rate. Stepping things up further, it also has Quantum Dot technology, which should produce remarkable colors.

    There are two models being released, the CFG70 (23.5 and 27 inch) and CF791 (34-inch). While the former only offers 1080p, the latter has a very respectable 3440x1440 resolution. Your graphics card will determine the monitor you should target, however, as gaming beyond 1080p requires a lot of horsepower.
    For example, my fairly new AMD Radeon RX 480 is rather powerful, but frame rate on newer games at 3440x1440 would likely be poor. In other words, for gaming, 1080p is still ideal for many without the most hardcore cards.
    If you do decide to buy a 1080p monitor, going above 24-inch can result in blurry text. It is for this reason that the 23.5-inch CFG70 should be the focus of most gamers -- that would be my recommendation.
    "The new CFG70 curved monitor incorporates a host of user-friendly features to create a premium multi-sensory gaming destination. The CFG70's 'Super Arena' design aligns 1800R curvature with sound interactive LED lighting that lets players fully experience the thrill of victory. This format also includes 1 m/s moving picture response time, making it the first curved gaming monitor to offer such functionality. A rapid refresh rate of up to 144 Hz further ensures a seamless and uninterrupted presentation", says Samsung of  the 1080p model.
    Regarding the 34-inch 3440x1440 variant, the famed manufacturer explains, "with a 1500R curvature (indicating a curvature radius of 1,500 mm) design, Samsung's CF791 is the most curved gaming monitor currently on the market. Combined with a 100 Hz refresh rate and embedded AMD FreeSync Technology, functionality that synchronizes screen refresh rates with gamers' AMD graphics cards, the CF791 monitor offers consistent full-screen presentation. Additionally, the CF791's ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio further preserves content quality during multi-screen competition".

    Samsung states that the monitors will be released in Q4 2016. The 24-inch CFG70 will cost $399, while the 27-inch variant will be $100 more at $499. The higher-resolution 34-inch CF791 will cost $999.
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