• Beach Life ( Simulation ) Best Game Ever!!

    Product Description

    Think you can create the essential party island? Ever thought you could do better and build the ultimate exclusive resort? If the answer is 'Yes' then Beach Life is the game for you. Huge variety of exotic locations from beautiful unspoilt tropical retreats to full on Ibiza-style party islands! Access to a wild variety of buildings and attractions for you to create your own unique hotspot and encourage your guests to part with their hard earned cash. Outrageous, hilarious and realistic - watch your guests as they get up to all kinds of debauchery, drunkenness, brawls, romance, overindulgence and cutting shapes on dancefloors. Built-in MP3 player featuring music by Kinobe, Alexkid, Laurent Garnier and many more! Built-in camera feature that allows you to take pictures of the guests and your creations ready to post on to Beach Life web site and e-mail them to friends!

    Download here ( 600 mb )
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