• Cheats For GTA San Andreas Copland 2006

    While playing the game or at the pause menu, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, the message "Cheat Activated" will appear.

    ResultCheat Code
    Adrenaline effectsmunasef
    Aggressive trafficylteicz
    All cars have nitrousspeedfreak
    Always 00:00 or 12:00xjvsnaj
    Always 21:00ofviac
    Armor, health, and moneyhesoyam
    Beach party themecikgcgx
    Beater trafficbgkgtjh
    Black trafficiowdlac
    Bounty on your headbagowpg
    Carnival themecrazytown
    Cars fly awaybsxsggc
    City in chaosiojufzn
    CJ jumps higherkangaroo
    Cloudy weatheralnsfmzo
    Commit suicideszcmawo
    Deadly vehiclejcnruad
    Destroy all carscpktnwt
    Fast motionspeeditup
    Flying boatsflyingfish
    Flying carsripazha
    Foggy weathercfvfgmj
    Gangs and workersmroemzh
    Gangs onlybifbuzz
    Hitman level in all weaponsprofessionalkiller
    Infinite ammunitionfullclip
    Infinite healthbaguvix
    Invisible carsxicwmd
    Kinky themebekknqv
    Lower wanted levellasnaeb
    Manual weapon control in carsouiqdmw
    Massive BMX bunny hopscjphonehome
    Maximum fatbtcdbcb
    Maximum lung capacitycvwkxam
    Maximum musclebuffmeup
    Maximum respectworshipme
    Maximum sex appealhelloladies
    Maximum vehicle skillsnaturaltalent
    No fat or musclekvgyzqk
    No hungeraeduwnv
    Pedestrians are Elvisbluesuedeshoes
    Pedestrians attack with gunsbgluawml
    Pedestrians have weaponsfoooxft
    Pedestrians riotajlojyqy
    Perfect handlingpggomoy
    Pink trafficllqpfbn
    Raise wanted levelosrblhh
    Recruit anyone into gang with gunssjmahpe
    Recruit anyone into gang with rocket
    Reduced trafficghosttown
    Rural themebmtpwhr
    Rural trafficfvtmnbz
    Sandstorm weathercwjxuoc
    Six star wanted levelbringiton
    Slow motionslowitdown
    Spawn Bloodring Bangercqzijmb
    Spawn Caddyrzhsuew
    Spawn Dozereegcyxt
    Spawn Hunterohdude
    Spawn Hydrajumpjet
    Spawn Jetpackrocketman
    Spawn Monstermonstermash
    Spawn Parachuteaiypwzqp
    Spawn Quadakjjyglc
    Spawn Racecarpdnejoh
    Spawn Racecarvpjtqwv
    Spawn Rancherjqntdmh
    Spawn Rhinoaiwprton
    Spawn Romeroaqtbcodx
    Spawn Stretchcelebritystatus
    Spawn Stunt Planeurkqsrk
    Spawn Tankeramomhrer
    Spawn Trashmastertruegrime
    Spawn Vortexkgggdkp
    Speed up timeysohnul
    Sports car trafficgusnhde
    Rainy weatherauifrvqs
    Stormy weathermghxyrm
    Sunny weatherafzllqll
    Super punchesiavenjq
    Taxi missions completedvkypqcf
    Traffic lights remain greenzeiivg
    Very sunny weathericikpyh
    Wanted level never increasesaezakmi
    Weapons (tier 1)lxgiwyl
    Weapons (tier 2)kjkszpj
    Weapons (tier 3)uzumymw
    Yakuza themeninjatown
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