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    DuckTales: Remastered is a game of platform 2013 developed by WayForward Technologies and produced and distributed by Capcom in different territories for PlayStation Network , Xbox Live Arcade and the eShop for Wii U Play is a. remake of DuckTales , a title published for NES . In 1989 Capcom released DuckTales: Remastered on August 13, 2013 in North America on the Nintendo eShop , PlayStation Network and Steam , and September 11, 2013, on Xbox Live Arcade . On August 20, 2013, appeared a version retail for PlayStation 3 consisting of a box that does not include a disc but a code todownload the title and a pin collector DuckTales. 2 Finally, on November 12, 2013 was published in North American version of the game disc for PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 and Wii U . 1

    To promote the game, Capcom think 150 units consisting of a press kit on a gold cartridge NES Limited Edition with Ducktales original, and tag editing gear Remastered inside a lunchbox collection. 3 4 Ad recreations of some games are also included Capcom for NES , and Mega Man 3 , a coupon for the “Green Cheese of Longevity” on the game and a fake ad for a cassette with the game’s soundtrack. 5 In late August, Capcom launched various competitions, in force until the game’s release on Xbox Live to give away the remaining press kits. 6

    DuckTales: Remastered was the best selling in the eShop Wii U during the next two weeks to launch the game. 7 8 He was also the most downloaded title on PlayStation Network in the region PAL during the month of August 2013.

    Disney’s Ducktales Remastered is a video game platforms released on August 16, 2013 on PlayStation 3 , PC and Wii U and 11 September 2013 on Xbox 360 , online only.

    The game is a remake of the game DuckTales released on NES in 1989 , itself adapted from the animated series DuckTales .

    One afternoon in Canardville in his house, Scrooge McDuck hears the alarm ringing his chest. Rushing to the chest, he discovers that The Beagle Boys are trying to burgle. He succeeded in the hunt, but surprises Science Beagle looking at a painting. The latter fled, and by examining the chart, Scrooge discovers a treasure map. It instead into a computer designed by Gearloose and managed to decipher it. The map shows the location of five hidden treasures. Scrooge to share their research.

    The game consists of 7 levels:
    a prologue: The Vault
    5 central levels:
    The Amazon
    The Transylvanie
    African Mines
    The Lune
    a final level: Mount Vesuvius
    The prologue and the final level is unpublished. 5 levels were taken from the central elongated original game.

    Moreover, unlike the original game, there is no key to seek Transylvania.

    The office of Scrooge serves between levels. The player can buy images and music in the gallery, select the level at which it will play and dive into the vault Scrooge
    DuckTales Remastered PC Game Free Download  876 MB
    DuckTales Remastered PC Game Free Download  876 MB
    DuckTales Remastered PC Game Free Download  876 MB
    DuckTales Remastered PC Game Free Download  876 MB

    System Requirements

    OS: Windows® XP SP 2 (32-64 bits) / Windows Vista® (32-64 bits) / Windows 7® (32-64 bits) CPU: Intel™ Pentium 4 2.4 ghz with Hyper Threading / Intel™ Core 2 Duo / AMD™ Athlon 64 X2 or higher VideoMemory: NVIDIA GeForce™ 200 series or higher, AMD Radeon™ HD5000 series or higher (it must be able to manage Pixel Shader 3.0) with at least 512 MB of display memory HD 2000 HDD: 2 GB of free Hard Drive Space

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