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    Grand Theft Auto III (often abbreviated as GTA III or GTA 3 ) is a video game with action-adventure in the open world created by Rockstar Games and developed by studio DMA Design Note 1 . It is the third major component and the fifth game series Grand Theft Auto and out of the first episodes by the appearance of a motor 3D . It is marketed in October 2001 on PlayStation 2 in May 2002 on PC in November 2003 on Xbox in 2010 on OS X , in 2011 mobile iOS and Android , and then in 2012 on PlayStation 3 ( PlayStation Network ).

    The game simulates the life of a criminal moving freely in the city of Liberty City . The player has the option to choose between several missions, or can just walk around the city. The story itself is only part of the game Note 2 , which never really ends. The first episodes of the series, which offered a view from above, did not have the same impact as GTA III was a success upon its release, even becoming one of the best selling games of 2001 . Violence and sex in the game have been sources of controversy and led to legal problems

    Grand Theft Auto III inherits the mechanism of its two predecessors, Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2 while improving by including elements from racing games and shooting games target . The game is also inspired by Driver 2 , released a year before, which also offered the opportunity to accomplish various objectives, on foot or by car but without using a weapon 2 . Series Driver is also parodied several times in GTA Note 3 .

    The player of GTA III embodies an escaped criminal who must be a name in the fictional city of Liberty City. Like the previous games, the game offers a greater freedom of action to the player who can move around the city as he sees fit and to perform various activities. The player can move around the city on foot or by car. On foot, it has the added ability to sprint a few seconds (but can not always swim ). The player can drive most vehicles of the game and many are based on real models. The lack of bike is nevertheless deplored by many players, and this absence is due to a difficult programming 3 , Note 4 . In addition, the interface of this album is completely redesigned. The compass is replaced by a mini-map of the city showing the key locations. An indicator of health and armor, and a clock showing the time in the game are also emerging.

    Acts “malicious” (car theft, murder pedestrians, etc.) are possible and even encouraged Note 5 A searchindex, symbolized by a number of stars., tells the player if the police continue or not. Stars are more numerous (up to six), plus the means used by the police to stop it are important, the simple police patrol in sending military. To escape them, the player can roll over icons “bribe” scattered throughout the city (taking away one star each) or to repaint his car in a special garage. If the player is killed or arrested, he wakes up to each hospital or police station where he takes his arms and part of the money that is donated to “hospitalization” or “pots-de-vin” . Unlike previous games, the player has here an unlimited number of lives and can never definitely lose the game.

    The multiplayer of the old GTA was abandoned in order to focus solely on the single player game. However, an unofficial mod, Multi Theft Auto , allows players to kill online.

    Like all GTA , GTA III features gameplay nonlinear. The scenario advance over the missions the player makes as it sees fit. These missions range from escort murder through the chase or the outbreak of riots. Many side missions in addition to the main tasks and are not absolutely required to progress. Each mission accomplished is rewarded with a sum of money which increases with the difficulty of the mission. It is no longer stored money which opens new areas of the city but the fulfillment of the main tasks and thus the progression of the story. In addition, it is possible to activate special missions in some vehicles, such as taxis or ambulances , which offer special bonuses if they are successful.

    A novelty in the series of GTA is the appearance of kinematic . These are the beginning of the mission, and sometimes during, to give instructions to the players and to advance the story. During the game, new instructions or messages of support can register on the screen. So finish the story does not end the game. To reach 100% increase in the statistics screen, you must also find certain objects and perform many side missions.

    The default view in the third person is similar to many games target shooting and driving but it is possible to switch to other modes of view as the “kinematics” mode by placing the camera against Angle. It is even possible to take the top view used in older GTA, this is also the last installment of the series on home console to enable this feature. Version PC allows a display resolution of 1600 by 1200 pixels while the console versions have to settle for a lower resolution 5 . The game also uses a system of levels of detail that can display very detailed elements close to the player, while the rest is from him summarily shown not to slow down the game. details are at the mercy of player movement. This also generates load times when the player moves from one island to another.

    Each vehicle and character has a body (the chassis and the main vehicle body, torso characters) and removable parts (hood, doors, bumpers for vehicles, heads and limbs for pedestrians). When a vehicle is damaged, its removable parts act accordingly, is damaging, then leaving the vehicle, but the body remains the same no matter what happens (to explosion of the vehicle is transformed into charred carcass). Members of pedestrians could be pulled out and their heads exploded, but this possibility has disappeared in the final version of the game. It is possible to reactivate with a code.

    The world of GTA III is based on numerous films and TV series on the theme of mafia such as The Godfather , Carlito’s Way , The Sopranos and Goodfellas . Leslie Benzies, producer of the game, said the team was inspired by the movie Casino , Bullitt and The Warriors 7 . The story takes place in 2001 . The player is a nameless criminal (though we suppose it is called Claude Speed ) out of the state of San Andreas with his girlfriend and associated Catalina twice and tries to kill him during a robbery at the Central Bank of Liberty City. Recovered from his injuries, he was taken to the federal penitentiary in the city in a police van, when it was attacked on the Callahan Bridge by members of the Colombian Cartel removed from a prisoner . Taking advantage of the attack, Claude escapes a car with the last prisoner, a 8-Ball , who runs a workshop setting up bombs in vehicles . 8-Ball knows the world and this Liberty City Claude to Luigi , a member of the Italian Mafia who became the first contact of a long series with the middle of the crime in the city.

    Throughout the game, Claude, the main character, does not say a word. To mock him or by simple observation, Carl Johnson , the hero of San Andreas called “silent”. Yarn needle, Claude gets a reputation in the community to end up being hired by Salvatore Leone , the sponsor of a family of the Mafia Italian Liberty City. But when Leone learns that his second wife Maria Note 7 feelings for her new henchman, he decides to eliminate pronto. Fleeing with Maria, Claude comes into contact with the Yakuza . After Salvatore murdered on their behalf, he began to work for them. Over the missions, he realizes that his former girlfriend Catalina is the head of the Colombian Cartel. However the approach.

    He also worked with Ray Machowski , a rogue cop who asked him to run Leon McAffrey, a former colleague as corrupt. Ray has Claude Phil Cassidy , a weapons expert who lost an arm in an explosion in 1986 in Vice City . It provides Claude heavy weapons (rocket launchers, grenades, etc.). He then collaborated with Donald Love , an ambitious and powerful businessman. He asks her to kill Kenji , one of the leaders of the Yakuza, by posing as a killer of the Colombian cartel (to trigger a gang war and revive the real estate), Claude running order, but that does not lead the Yakuza to ruin. The latter, not knowing that Kenji was killed by Claude, always give him their confidence and they continue to execute their plans together. Claude also worked briefly for the Yardies gang. But it turns out that they are related to the Colombians, and the last mission they give to Claude turns out to be an ambush organized by Catalina to eliminate it. Ray Machowski should leave quickly and discreetly as he is wanted by the government for various corruption cases.

    Claude then share in the suburb of Shoreside Vale to steal various objects and bring them back to Donald Love. The situation is complicated, and Donald mysteriously disappears. Claude continues to work with Asuka (Kenji’s sister) who is trying to slow down the Colombians in their race for control of the city. After capturing Miguel , the second Catalina, Asuka and Claude managed to climb a few steps to weaken Colombians. However, Claude eventually found the body of Asuka and a letter asking for a ransom of $ 500,000 to retrieve Maria. Coming back the ransom money, Claude is trapped by the Colombians, but managed to reverse the situation, and Catalina continues to Shoreside Vale dam. There, he managed to blow up the helicopter in which was mounted Catalina. While Claude and Maria back on top of the dam, Maria talking to herself as usual, a shot rang out, and the conversation stops.
    GTA 3 Compressed PC Game Free Download 198MB
    GTA 3 Compressed PC Game Free Download 198MB
    GTA 3 Compressed PC Game Free Download 198MB
    GTA 3 Compressed PC Game Free Download 198MB
    Minimum System Requirements:
    Pentium III 450 CPU
    96MB RAM
    16MB Direct3D Video Card
    Fully DirectX compatible Sound Card
    8X CD-Rom
    500MB free hard disk space
    Win 98/ME/2000/XP
    Direct X 8.1
    Recommended System Requirements
    700 mhz CPU
    128MB RAM
    32MB Direct3D Video Card
    Fully DirectX compatible Sound Card
    8X CD-Rom
    500MB free hard disk space
    Win 98/ME/2000/XP
    Direct X 8.1
    Windows NT (any version)
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