Mars War Logs PC Game Free Download 2.6GB

    Mars War Logs PC Game Free Download 2.6GB
    Mars: War Logs is a video game to share and role released in April 2013 on PC in July 2013 on Xbox 360 in August 2013 and PlayStation 3 .
    The game takes place in March , a century after the great revolt. Water has become a precious resource and in several guilds vie for control. Two of the most powerful are Aurora and Abundance. The player Roy Temperance, an escaped prisoner of war who is caught in the heart of a fight between several powerful factions, and must also face different creatures created by the radioactive environment of the planet.
    The game take place on Mars, after the great upheaval. Powerful guilds began the War of the remaining water on Mars. The strongest faction is Aurora and abundance. The player plays for Roy Temperance, escaped prisoner, who was embroiled in a confrontation of these two fractions, yet he will fight monsters that spawned radiation Mars.
    “Camp 19” – a camp for prisoners of war, who created “plenty”. Though the camp there are numerous restrictions and forced labor, the captives humanely treated fairly, although life there is far from comfortable. The guards often abuse their power when prisoners are sent to perform dangerous tasks.
    Shadowlair – the largest city “Aurora”, a young water company, which has been achieved thanks to the power of a large number of Tehnomanserov. The city was not as friendly as it was before. When in town seized power Tehnomansery, the city began a civil war in which two parties – the army tehnomanserov, ready to clean up the iron hand of the army of Wisdom Phillips, ready to do anything to overthrow the government.
    “Green Hope” – one of the key agricultural complexes, which are fighting for “Abundance” and “Aurora”. In these groups there were many bloody battles in an attempt to take over the place. At the moment, “Green Hope” controls “Aurora”, which produced a massive renovation of the complex, after he inflicted injuries during the fighting.
    “Aurora” – a new company of the large water companies. In the beginning the company was small and consisted of independent researchers water pioneers. The founders wanted to find new sources of water and use it to do the old sources and explore new territories. But because of the accident during which the technology has been lost and the Martian sun of the population who suffer forced the company to change its plans. After the small victories with lazohodtsami “Aurora” was participating in the conflict between water companies in the fight for the remaining water sources. “Aurora” is unlike other companies in philosophy, political and military tactics. The company uses mysticism and faith that emerged during turmoil for their own purposes. Religious ideology so strongly rooted in the “Aurora” that every child that is born to be called “virtuous name” which will run throughout his life. The cult and rituals have penetrated into people’s lives, especially in recent times, as they entered the government that rules, then that is now in the government many Tehnomanserov. The size and power of the “Aurora” not only allows the company to compete with other water companies, but also ensures its future dominance.
    “Abundance” old water company, was created after the upheavals of the group of survivors hydro-engineers designed the enclaves ONM (by the United Nations of Mars). Their task was to manage water resources to supply water to various industrial and residential complexes. But after the great disaster, they got one goal is to help the colonists survive and provide the maximum amount of water enclaves. This means continuing problem ONM under any circumstances, even lost contact with Earth. At a time when there was chaos after the shock. Executives “Abundance” began to understand the full force of his power in the Martian society. They were confident that they could do things better, and the only way they have become use return water that they have to blackmail and suppress opposition. It became clear that the “abundance” has moved away from its original friendly corporate structure and turned into a dictatorship. Officially, “Abundance” remains dedicated to serving the company of those who are most in need of help … but now everyone knows that they can not do without their help.
    The hero and his companions
    Roy Temperance past Roy pretty vague. He comes from “Aurora”, his real name Sobriety (Temperance), but he broke with the traditions of his guild and chose the name Roy. He does not like to talk about his past, about it, and very little is known only that he wanted to tell. Nevertheless, he is familiar relics from the time before the turmoil, and slums «Shadowlair» knows how five fingers
    Nevin Smith Young rookie army “Aurora”, was captured by the Innocence “plenty” and sent to “Camp 19”, where he met Roy. Deeply affected by the war, he killed the first man. This re-injured child will discover the hope and interest in life, when come across Roy, who will be his role model and mentor. He will be keeping a journal that describes their meeting and adventures he experienced with Roy.
    Mary Trainee Tehnomanser with eccentric appearance, it seems lives in his own world. It is clearly in love and admires his boss Sean, and always tries not to disappoint him. Intrigued by Roy knowledge about the times before the shocks and intently watching him
    Persistence Williams – cynical, cruel and disillusioned bounty hunter. Frequenter of slums in different cities, his reputation is running ahead of him. His often seeing the dog, mastiff terrible cruel as his master. Roy is familiar with persistence, sometimes they worked together in the slums of “Aurora”, where he had lived before the war against the “Abundance”
    Mars War Logs PC Game Free Download 2.6GB
    Mars War Logs PC Game Free Download 2.6GB
    Mars War Logs PC Game Free Download 2.6GB
    Mars War Logs PC Game Free Download 2.6GB
    Mars War Logs PC Game Free Download 2.6GB

    System Requirements:

     OS : Windows ® XP SP 2 (32-64 bits) / Windows Vista ® (32-64 bits) / Windows ® 7 or 8 ® (32-64 bits) CPU : AMD / INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ Memory : 2GB RAM (2 GB on Windows Vista or Windows 7) VideoMemory : 512 MB 100% directx 9 AND shaders 4.0 Compatible HDD : 3 GB of free Hard Drive Space

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