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    Ninja Blade ( Ninjabureidoニンジャブレイド ) is an action game in the third person developed by From Software and published by Microsoft Game Studios . It was put on sale in Japan on 27 January 2009 , in Europe on April 3rd, 2009 and in the US on 7 April 2009. The game tells the story of Ken Ogawa, a powerful neo-ninja in their fight to save humanity from a deadly virus.
    It was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2008 unexpectedly. It features the work of Keiji Nakoka (designer Lost Planet ) and Norihiko Hibino (Japanese composer who has work as the soundtrack to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Zone of the Enders ). At first it was a console exclusive for Xbox 360 though, the year of its release, it was released a version for PC .
    A mysterious parasite has unleashed a wave of destruction, mutating humans into savage and ruthless creatures. The disease has reached the coast of Japan and the heart of Tokyo. Control the ninja Ken Ogawa neo- and shoot your way swimming, flying and fighting in an intense action game in which your goal is to prevent the destruction of the human race.
    During events in 2010, a small village in Africa suffered a savage attack on a pack of animals. The survivors were taken to a nearby research center for treatment. By trying to cure patients bites the medical team discovered a new parasite, called “Alpha-worms”.
    Conventional medicine was ineffective in treating parasite. Multiplied at an unstoppable speed, causing bleedings and new wounds on the bodies. After a few hours the bodies started to deform. His muscles resquebrajaban and appeared through the skin, a bloody violence soon imbue the minds of patients.
    After a few days they had eaten the entire staff of the research center. An international team-ups after these events was sent to the scene, the support group GUIDE. It must be said that the methods used by the group were assault sterilization and extermination of all life in the affected area.
    GUIDE restricted information to the highest international government domes for obvious reasons, avoid public knowledge of the facts and stop a potential global alarm. Chaos would be the worst possible situation.
    Now Tokyo is in a serious situation, Japanese Prime Minister seeks help from GUIDE, which has been responsible for recruiting the best elite soldiers from around the globe. They have exceptional skills, experience and most importantly, sufficient discretion to carry out actions.
    Tokyo should be evacuated and the parasite eradicated from the face of the earth. Ken Ogawa, together with the Special Operations Group GUIDE, sent by their director, agent, Michael Wilson will take part in this emergency situation in which human life is in serious danger. The adventure has just begun.
    Ninja Blade takes a wide range of game features that have been highly successful in sales and criticism among gamers. Among his biggest influences are series like God of War , Devil May Cry , Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania .
    Ken can hit your enemies with up to four different swords (each is located in one of the four directions of the directional crosshead joystick) and also with a kind of Shuriken sizable wearing fitted to his back, with You can cast spells that wind, fire and thunder. Given his agility as a ninja, Ken can run long distances over walls to overcome chasms, and has a high speed running.
    Ninja Blade is more emphasis on fighting bosses in common enemies, since the latter are scarce in comparison. Both these boss fights along certain stretches of history, many succeed QTE (Quick Time Events) that, far from disrupting tirmo game invites the player to feel the action of the moment. The development of the whole adventure film exudes a very strong atmosphere.
    Ken can become more powerful as the player will collect items for the purpose, as distinct orbs to increase the health bar and magic. You can also find new costumes and decorations for the mask. All these objects are quite hidden, so it encourages the player to explore the scenarios thoroughly. There are also hidden objects that are obtained as a reward for overcoming certain Misions fulfilling specific requirements (through a mission without dying, do a combo over 50 hits, reaching certain final score, etc.). It is also possible to increase the power of the different weapons that Ken is counting. To do this, the player must spend a certain amount of red gems that drop the enemies to die, used to spend on these improvements.
    Ninja Blade PC Game
    Ninja Blade PC Game
    Ninja Blade PC Game
    Minimum System Requirements :
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz/AMD Sempron
    Memory: 1GB
    Hard disk space: 5GB
    VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 8300 / ATI Radeon 9250
    How to Install :
    Mount with daemon tools
    Install Game via Autoplay
    Copy crack Skidrow to folder you have install this game
    Play and Enjoy

    Single Download Link

    Link  3.7GB
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