Sniper Ghost Warrior 1 Ripped PC Game Free Download

    Sniper Ghost Warrior Ripped PC Game Free Download 958 MB
    Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a shooter first-person Xbox 360 and PC . It was released on 29 June 2010 for the Xbox 360 with the PC version released on June 24, 2010 through Steam . He also launched a version for PlayStation 3 in 2011 The game is based on the role of sniper military, which today has much interest in youth through exhibitions on channels like History Channel or the Military Channel . The object is to insert the player in the role of a sniper team of elite sent to a hostile area in an attempt to help the rebels of Isla Trueno, a fictitious country in Latin America , where you fight against the government facto military has overthrown the previous democratic government. In March 2013 he was released a sequel, simply titled Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 .
    Sniper: Ghost Warrior (also S: GW ) is one of City Interactive developed and published stealth shooter with focus on sniper theme and the successor to Sniper: Art of Victory . It was published for Microsoft Windows , Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 , which on 24 June 2010 for Windows via Steam was issued. The Xbox 360 version was released a few days later on June 29, 2010 in the United States, while the version for the PlayStation 3 was released much later on April 28, 2011.
    Sniper Ghost Warrior is a video game type first person shooter themed stealth produced and distributed by City Interactive , which was released on June 24 , 2010 for Microsoft Windows via Steam , on June 29 , 2010 for Xbox 360 [4] and from the imminent PlayStation 3 , which occurred April 28, 2011. [5]
    The game is based on the role of the military sniper : the developers have noted that the interest of the public towards this figure is increasing largely due to broadcasts on channels like The History Channel or The Military Channel . [6] The objective of the game is to work with a team of marksmen posted in hostile territory in an attempt to help the rebels of Isla Trueno, a country Latin American dummy in the fight against a military force that toppled his government in a coup .
    City Interactive has with Sniper: Ghost Warrior once again taken up the concept, the storyline almost exclusively on the character of a sniper to focus. As previously with Sniper: Art of Victory – the unofficial predecessor – is the Publisher and here again the unique selling point of this subgenre out. Due to its unusual approach is Sniper: Ghost Warrior in 2010 still an anomaly compared to “conventional” FPS games , in which typical for the genre, the player usually plays a regular soldiers with automatic weapons.
    Lisa Rivera, vice president of Sales for City Interactive made because even recently realized that by the multiplication of programs about on the History Channel or channels, where it multiplies give military documentation, in the past, a strongly growing base of people interested in games of this type is.
    In S: GW players assume as part of a special unit of Marines in various roles of military elite units that are sent to the most remote places in the world to perform dicey missions behind enemy lines. He takes on the role of three characters for different missions in each game. So is the player in the course of action with Sergeant Tyler Wells as the main character of an elite sniper and specialist for orders with hidden and camouflaged operations under long-range effect. Here he must as a precision shooter a group of rebels in Isla Trueno , a fictitious Latin American country whose democratic government with a coup d’Etat was overthrown by hostile forces, train and assist the resistance and strike back against the rebels in various sniper and melee missions to ultimately their leader General Vasquez . liquidate [6] He also plays the protagonist Private Anderson as Delta Force operator of a Delta Force assault team, as well as a Mexican rebel named El Trejon – on missions where the player immediately in direct combat operations and firefights involved .
    The player is asked to play as three characters from different roles during the various missions: a sniper, Sergeant Tyler Wells, for long-haul operations and actions stealth infiltration; a Delta Force operator, Private Anderson, for assault operations and support; and a Mexican rebel, El Trejon, for missions involving direct firefights.
    A scene of gameplay
    The main plot tells the sending of a special unit highly qualified, which is sent in the fictional country of Isla Trueno, whose goal is to help the rebel force against the militia and its leaders, who have taken possession of the country by a military coup.
    In the game, players take the role of three characters for different missions, using a sniper character, the Sergeant Tyler Wells for long-range missions, then the Anderson soldier who has stealthassignments as Delta Force operator, and finally a rebel, The Badger, for missions of direct confrontation. The plot centers mainly around a highly trained special unit sent into the fictional country of Isla Trueno, whose democratic government was overthrown by a hostile military force. It is the team’s task to train and help the rebels in fighting in the region to attack enemy forces in several near-assault missions and precise shot.
    Sniper Ghost Warrior Ripped PC Game Free Download 958 MB
    Sniper Ghost Warrior Ripped PC Game Free Download 958 MB
    Sniper Ghost Warrior Ripped PC Game Free Download 958 MB
    Sniper Ghost Warrior Ripped PC Game Free Download 958 MB
    Sniper Ghost Warrior Ripped PC Game Free Download 958 MB
    Sniper Ghost Warrior Ripped PC Game Free Download 958 MB
    Sniper Ghost Warrior Ripped PC Game Free Download 958 MB
    System Requirements
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4@3.2 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3500 + 
    Video: nVidia Geforce 6800 / ATI Radeon X1650 (256 mb
    RAM: 1 GB (XP) / 2 GB (Vista / 7)
    HDD: 1,6 Gb
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