Super Mario Fusion PC Game Free Download

    Super Mario Fusion PC Game Free Download Ripped 16 MB
    Super Mario Bros. ( スーパーマリオブラザーズ , Supa Mario Burazāzu ? ) is a video game of platforms developed by Nintendo released in 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment System . This is the first game in the series Super Mario . The player will control Mario and travels through the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser , Mario antagonist. The game is played by two players, the first and second controlling Mario Luigi , brother of the latter.

    Super Mario Bros. was the best selling game of all time with over 40 million copies sold worldwide, until it was beaten by Wii Sports in 2009 . As a launch game, Super Mario Bros. was originally part of the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the end of the video game crash of 1983 to the United States . As one of the greatest success achieved by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka , the game will lead eventually to many suites and derivatives.

    To him alone, Super Mario Bros. imposed a level design all the games that come after him. So it definitely popularized the side-scrolling , the boss and sub-boss-end level, secret shortcuts , the abilityto restart the game with increased difficulty. Game music, composed by Koji Kondō is internationally recognized; it has since become typical of video games in general.

    The player takes the role of the main protagonist of the series, Mario . Mario’s brother, Luigi , is only playable by the second player in the multiplayer mode. They both have the same goal: travel the Mushroom Kingdom in order to save Princess Peach who has been kidnapped by Bowser 3 . The player moves from the left side to the right side of the screen to get to the flag that marks the end of each level.

    Coins are scattered throughout each level, Mario can collect to earn points and at the end of 100 pieces, get a life. Levels also contain blocks marked with a question mark that reveal parts or objects when Mario hits from below. Other blocks, sometimes invisible, may contain more coins or rare item. If the player gets an orange mushroom with red pins, Mario grows and may come into contact with an enemy or obstacle in without dying – it simply revert small – besides being able to break blocks of bricks, which is impossible when Mario no fungus 4 . At the beginning of each game, the player gets a certain number of lives, it can increase by getting a mushroom 1-UP , which is similar to Mario grow. He loses a life when killed by an enemy, falling in a hole or when the timer reaches zero. When the player has more lives, the game is over. The main attack of Mario is to jump over his enemies; however, each enemy reacts differently: for example, a Goomba will be crushed and defeated 4 , while a Koopa will retract into its shell for a while, allowing Mario to use it as a projectile 5 . The shell can then bounce off the walls, kill enemies, or even kill Mario if the player does not pay enough attention 6 . Another way to defeat the enemy is to get the Fire Flower that allows Mario to throw fireballs. A final object rarer is the Starman or “star persona” that makes Mario invincible for a few seconds.

    Super Mario Fusion PC Game Free Download Ripped 16 MB
    Super Mario Fusion PC Game Free Download Ripped 16 MB
    Super Mario Fusion PC Game Free Download Ripped 16 MB
    Super Mario Fusion PC Game Free Download Ripped 16 MB
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