• Zend PHP 5 Certification Package

    PHP is powerful -- yet more simple than many other server-side scripting languages. It works on almost any platform you can imagine -- including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix. And with PHP you'll be creating and editing dynamic web sites quickly.
    Many common content management and open source web applications are built in PHP. Once you know the basics, the world is at your fingertips because you can edit these applications to do whatever you need.
    PHP offers great flexibility and has a very low barrier to entry -- with this training you'll be well on your way to developing full-featured dynamic websites using PHP.

    What you'll learn includes:
    the PHP basics
    integrating PHP with html for dynamic web pages
    interfacing with MySQL and other databases
    creating advanced functions
    writing object-oriented PHP
    keeping your code secure
    working with XML data
    and a whole lot more!
    The CBT Nuggets Zend PHP 5 Certification Pack video series lets you go at your own pace. The PHP instruction is broken down video-by-video into bite-sized nuggets. From the first video, you'll be applying what you learn to create dynamic web sites and web applications.

    Zend PHP 5 Certification Package Contains:
    - Intro to PHP
    - PHP Language Basics
    - PHP and Forms
    - PHP Web Features
    - Strings and Regular expressions
    - Working with Arrays
    - Working with Databases
    - PHP Functions
    - Object-Oriented PHP
    - Handling Exceptions
    - Managing Files
    - Streams and Sockets
    - XML
    - Web Services
    - PHP Security 


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