• Deep Freeze Enterprise Full Keygen

    Deep Freeze Enterprise Full Keygen
    Deep Freeze Enterprise Full Keygen | 37.1MB
    Deep Freeze is a software that can help you to eliminate computer damage anddowntime by making computer configurationsDeep Freeze will keep and look for anychanges made to the computer intentionally or notDeep Freeze provides immediate immunity from many of the problems that plague today's computer configurationaccidental system misconfigurationmalicious software activityand incidental system degradationNo matter what changes a user makes to a workstation, simply restart to eradicate all changes and reset the computer to its original state - right down to the last byteExpensive computer assets are kept running at 100% capacity andtechnical support time is reduced.

    Security and Control 
    • Encrypt all components with a unique Customization Code
    • Preset multiple passwords to be used on a workstation or via the Command Line Control with varying activation and expiration dates
    • Generate encrypted One Time or One Day Passwords
    • Disable keyboard and mouse during maintenance periods or on demand
    • Boot Control window provides ability for immediate reboot
    Configuring Options 
    • Create customized installation files using the Configuration Administrator
    • Pre-select Frozen Drives and selectively Freeze or Thaw fixed drives
    • Schedule automatic Restart/Shutdown times
    • Restart computer on Logoff
    • Shutdown workstations after a preset length of inactivity
    • Schedule Thawed Maintenance periods to perform Windows updates through the Internet or a SUS/WSUS server or Anti-Virus Updates
    • Schedule Send Message tasks

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