• E-book Create Web Charts with jqPlot

    E-book Create Web Charts with jqPlot By Fabio Nelli
    2014 | 268 Pages | ISBN: 1484208633 | PDF | 8MB
    In this book we will Create the Web Charts jqPlotshows how to convert your data intoa graph-based highly interactive browserThis book is suitable for developers of all levels of experience and needsfor those who prefer a solution that is fast andeffectiveyou can use the library jqPlot to produce charts with amazing effects andanimation using only a few lines of code.

    At the end of this bookyou will have a good knowledge of all the elements needed to manage the dataYou can provide cutting-edge graphics to exploit the growing power of modern browsersThis book contains content previously published in Earlyjavascript Charts.
    Create all kinds of charts using the latest technology available in the browser step-by-step. Create a Web Charts with jqPlot gradually introduce you to all aspects of the development of graphicsfrom the data source for selection in applying.

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