• Mini Militia Mod Pro Pack And Unlimited Nitro + Unlimited Ammo ONE SHOT KILL MOD Latest Version

    Mini militia mega mod 2.2.86 Pro pack and other mods

    mini militia mega mod 2.2.86

    Hello everyone , Today i am going to share mini militia 2.2.86 mega mod, scroll down for mini militia mod download links Yeah Mini Militia Mod :D Something that this blog is famous for. This is something for which I have been receiving your love for . Over the time I have been sharing various top class mods of mini militia game and the trend would not go off. in this new mini militia mega mod i added some graphics mod I Changed Appearance of weapons and added some new skins and new trees i just modified everything 

    Like the mini militia game ? Yes ! We all like mini militia but that does not mean you cant use mod on the game. itsfun Right ? You can get pro pack weapons and unlimited nitro and unlimited ammo and one shot death in this mini militia mod

    Beforehand , I would like to make a small request to you that if you are using the mini militia mod version made by me , do spread the word. Share the post with as many people as you can. After all , this is what motivates me to work more and more for you. 

    Mini Militia Mod Features

    Here are some of the striking features of the mini militia mod . Cast a glance at them before you download the mini militia mod . 
    • Version : 2.2.86
    • Pro Pack Unlocked 
    • One Shot Kill
    • Unlimited Ammo
    • Unlimited Nitro 
    • All store items unlocked
    • Transparent Bush (No more hiding :P )
    • New Maps 
    • Servers same as that of the official version
    • New guns
    • Changed Appearance 
    • New skins New Trees New Shield New weapons 
    • All other previous features carried forward 
    This is indeed the best mini militia mod ever made.Turn on HI-RES to enjoy full graphics mini militia mod 

    What else ? There will be two types of mini militia mods that I am going to release now.
    One will just have the latest version along with just the pro-pack while the other will have all the features mentioned above along with the pro pack. this is one of the best mini militia hack .
    i hope you like this mini militia hack

    Steps to install mini militia mod :-

    Those same old steps you need to follow. (sometimes you dont need to uninstall old mini militia you can just install mod without uninstalling) only try this step if you cant install

    • Go to settings> apps> Scroll down to mini militia and click on it. 
    • Click on clear data and then uninstall the old mini militia. 
    • Now click on the download links given below.
    • Once you are done with the download , open the apk file.
    • Follow the instructions to install the app completely.
    • Open the app and start playing !!

    Download links below 
    if you want Just pro pack and store unlocked mod click the link below

    Old versions below

    Mini Militia 2.2.61 mega mod

    Mini Militia mega mod
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