• Windows 10 Manager 1.0.3 Final

    Windows 10 Manager 1.0.3 Final | 12.7MB
    Windows 10 Manager is a system utility that can help you optimizetweakrepairand clean up Windows 10. This will increase system speedeliminate system faultimprove system securityand meet all of your expectations.
    The program contains more than 30 different utilities that should help you get Windows 10 to run faster and more stable. Windows 10 Manager will allow you to get as much information about the system, you can view the keys Windows and Office products will be able to view all running processes and learn about them the maximum possible, can one-click clean the system of garbage, and "Repair Center" allows to correct any errors .

    Productivity section includes tools to improve the speed of Windows 10allows you tocustomize the program is launched at system startupyou can adjust and optimize the system services"Cleaningin the diagram allows you to view files and folderstake up more space on the hard drivethere is a utility to remove programs installedWindows 10 Manager will enable to find junk filesduplicate files, can scan your computer for files with size Similarly, searching for invalid entries in the registrypossibly to defragment the registry.

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